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How Well Are You Working WITH Your Computer To Increase Productivity?

Posted by Easy Pay

Dec 16, 2014 10:00:00 AM

Computers, the necessary evil of the workplace, can often times provide more headaches than utility. But, learning to leverage computers and their programs for your benefit will greatly increase your productivity. 

The health IT space is finally gaining momentum as more software as a service (SaaS) companies move into the sector and increased regulations force physicians to report more data, more efficiently. The result is big data that requires big technology to keep it moving forward.


Inevitably, your computers become one of the most important operating forces of your practice. But what about the employees who are using them? Do they get no credit?

If your practice is one of the 80% of office-based physician offices that have adopted EHR and are continuing the journey towards Meaningful Use, you understand the impact this technological movement has made. Computers in healthcare are relied on more now than ever before. They have transitioned from front-facing operations, such as patient care, to being the center of administrative tasks as well. 

In a study conducted by Cedars Sinai, 75 patients were evaluated based on the doctor’s electronically transcribed, manually typed notes of their treatment and their own self-reported account. The research team concluded that the patient’s notes (which were transformed into a narrative by the computer) were more succinct and accurate than the doctor's manually typed notes. 

This study highlights the benefits of using computers in administrative capacities, such as collecting patient treatment information. The same can be said for collecting patient information upfront before they are even seen by a doctor, such as important information about a patient’s demographics, their insurance plan, and even their payment information.  

As healthcare IT becomes more advanced, office staff in administrative roles will benefit greatly by being able to work with their computers to achieve a higher level of productivity. Why waste time on the phone scheduling an appointment when your patients can log in to their patient portal and schedule a convenient time right there in front of them? Or, why make collection calls that yield little to no return when your credit card processing program can do the heavy lifting for you? It would be doing you, your staff, your practice, and most importantly your patients, a disservice to continue to underutilize health technologies available today.

Learn more about how a credit card on file payment program can make your practice more efficient, AND more profitable!


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