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What I Like About Collecting Past Due Bills [With Free Resources]

Posted by Jim Turner

Jul 19, 2017 8:22:00 AM

What do I like about collecting past due accounts?


Really, I can’t think of anything I like about the process of collecting on past due accounts. What about you? Ok, there’s that glimmer of satisfaction when you finally win the phone tag and excuse battle and get a payment in, no matter how small. But that glimmer fades quickly when you look back at your ‘still to collect’ list.oooooo...Sure you can collect from patients. And payers never deny claims...-1.png

Do you really want to keep doing this?

Seriously, do you want to keep calling, sending invoices with big red past due stamps, getting a promise to pay only to have them ‘forget’ to send the check, reporting the ever-growing balances to your physician or board, and being frustrated by the whole process? It’s stressful. It’s painful. It’s unnecessary!

Why not eliminate the whole process?

Consider, you could overturn the whole process and do business differently. I’m not talking about delegating collections to other staff or third-party collections companies (so expensive!). I’m talking about a gentle but complete about-face to your entire approach to getting paid. Too scary? It’s been done very successfully by many practices. You can change your life in regard to past due accounts.


Glad you asked. We have just launched a new ‘how to’ page of sorts. If you really want to stop the cycle of collecting past due balances you’ll have to educate yourself. We can help. Our resource page has eBooks, videos, free samples, and more to help you eliminate past due balances for good. Make a small start and learn what other practices are doing to stop the collections madness. Click below and enjoy!


NEW Easy Pay Resource Page


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