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[Video] Taking Control of Past Due Patient Payments

Posted by Easy Pay

Mar 29, 2016 7:49:40 AM

 TACTICAL_TUESDAY_TAKING_CONTROL_OF_PAST_DUE_PATIENT_PAYMENTS.pngThis week's Tactical Tuesday takes a look at how you and your practice can take control of past due patient payments. Let us show you the ways that your practice can take back control in the patient payment process. 

The million dollar question: Why do accounts age? 

The simple answer? Because patients don't pay on time or at all in some cases. Their balances continuing over month after month. 

However, in many cases, there's more to the story. Accounts age because practices let them age. Instead of being proactive from the beginning, when the patient first comes in for treatment, practices often wait long after the first 30 days before asking for payment.

The simple solution to put the control back in your hands? A payment guarantee-- a card on file payment solution. You collect the payment information. You process the payment when it's due. Your practice collects past due patient payments before they even become past due. 


Watch the video to learn more about setting up this kind of payment system in your practice.





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