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[Video] 3 SIMPLE Strategies To Stop Patient Bad Debt For Good

Posted by Easy Pay

Feb 2, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Serious question: Are you a doctor or a debt collector?

It's a sad reality for practices across the country, many of whom feel like debt collection agencies sometimes. If you're struggling to collect past due patient balances, this video is for you.

You run a medical facility, not a debt collection agency. You shouldn't be concerned with IF your patients will pay, but rather WHEN they will pay. To encourage timely patient payments, you have to know how to handle the financial conversation strategically. 

This video will help you do just that. Learn about the preventative measures your practice can take to stop patient bad debt in this video.

3 Preventative Measures To Keep Your Practice From Becoming a Debt Collection Agency:

  1. Know your patient
  2. Set your boundaries
  3. Watch your bottom line


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