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Taking The Fear Out Of Change

Posted by Jim Turner

Sep 10, 2020 7:45:00 AM

When I published the opener to this subject of change I had no idea about Laura, hurricane Laura that is. She was a category four hurricane making  landfall on August 27th. Just fourteen days after my first post about change. 


As I watched the newscasts I thought about all the change that would come to people’s lives. I wondered if they were prepared. 


I’m writing this follow-up from my office that is about forty miles to the east of one major Oregon fire and forty miles west of what may become the largest fire ever recorded in Oregon. Two fires on either side of me. The skies over me are an eerie amber. A dystopian shade of grey-red. Ash covers my car outside, I’m listening to the news and watching the evacuation orders. Change may soon come to my door. 

Tragedy brings change. Not one person who reads this post has escaped change in 2020. To what degree is the only question. 


The question in our last post was, ‘how did you cope’? How are you coping now? Since the 2020 pandemic has seriously impacted every person in healthcare we would benefit ourselves by taking time to assess that impact. Both personally and professionally. 


Below are some questions to help with that assessment. They are general questions because every person will be impacted differently. Doctors will feel a different wave of change than a billing manager; than an administrator; than a CEO, etc. 

The questions are meant to give you a start. A way to process the change that was pushed upon you. I hope that answering them gets you through a roadblock or barrier you’ve been feeling personally or your team has been dealing with professionally. 


When change comes, ask these and then write down your answers. Make lists. Study them. Work toward answers that create positive outcomes. 


  1. What things cannot stay the same as a result? 
  2. What things will remain constant no matter what? 
  3. What things are improved as a result?
  4. What things need improvement? 
  5. What past/present ideas of mine are perfect for this time? 
  6. What past/present ideas of mine will I need to give up for this time?
  7. What is my attitude toward the change? 
  8. How is my attitude helping/hurting myself and those I work with? 
  9. What can I change that will make this change better for all around me? 


My encouragement is that we not waste the change. Use it. Wrestle it into submission. Make it serve us. Interrupt and amend change by responsibly reforming all the things that needed to be made right. Fear dies when we take control. Change becomes improvement when faced confidently. 

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