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Take It From An Expert...

Posted by Jim Turner

Mar 28, 2019 8:33:00 AM

EXPERTSI just returned from a conference of experts and consultants to healthcare practices. People who spend their careers helping practices get better at helping patients and maximizing the benefits of doing so. I couldn’t help but be impressed by the depth of knowledge they have and their willingness to share it. It started me wondering.


How many practices take advantage of outside help? How many ask for another set of eyes to look at their processes, workflows, and tools? How many will trust themselves to experts to learn what they have to share? Do you?


For those who don’t take advantage of outside help. Why is that? I know there’s the issue of money. Many businesses, including healthcare practices, are afraid they will spend significant dollars and have nothing to show for it. There’s also the issue of change. Bringing people in to look at your practice may mean you’ll have to change something. And change is often uncomfortable. Whatever the reason, are you curious what might improve if you tried?


When was the last time you asked an outside company to take a look at your practice? Do you have some issues that an expert clinician could help unwind, or need a person who knows how to increase revenue, cashflow, or profit, or have some interpersonal challenges that need a good mediator? All of these and many more challenges arise in a medical practice on a regular basis. Even when things are going well, there can always be improvements.


The most important thing that struck me about the experts I met is that they tend to know a particular topic extremely well. They may not know everything about a practice, but they can spot issues in their area of expertise. If you think an area of your practice needs attention, they can verify if it does. And then help you address the issues.


I’m not writing this post to endorse anyone or their company. I’m writing it because I know we all need a little nudge once in awhile. We get busy. There’s no emergency to react to so we don’t pay attention to those areas. We think someone will come in and find issues in order to justify their work.


Stop for just a minute. You are smarter than that. You know when someone is honest and hardworking and simply wants to earn a living helping you run a great practice. Find those people. You are busy, but you will be busier if things continue to break. A little prevention is in order. You may not be experiencing a crises in a certain area, but why not have someone take a look - just in case a crises is brewing that you can’t see?


Again, I have no agenda save to remind you that there are great people out there willing to help you and your staff better enjoy what you do. Let this post be a gentle reminder to find good people, expert in their field, to come in a lend a hand. Your practice will be better off and you’ll experience far fewer emergencies in the long run. Experts can help you reduce waste, inefficiencies, stress, burnout, and many other issues. Don’t be afraid to reach out to them!

Topics: Medical Office Administration, practice management, change, Ideas

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