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Make Payment EASY For Your Patients

Posted by Jim Turner

Oct 10, 2019 8:45:00 AM

PAYI wrote about this in my last post but it bears repeating. Many of us (myself included) need a few reminders before we move forward. My recent experience with trying to pay a bill made me even more passionate about making payment simple for your patients. 

Yesterday I spent almost an hour online and then another twenty minutes on the phone to do one simple payment change for my health insurance premium. Simply finding the page on the website required detective work a CIA agent would be proud of. Once finding it, attempting to use it was a feat of engineering and password magic. In the end, I failed and had to call for help. And then it took the customer service rep twenty minutes to get the job done. Crazy!

If I had a choice in the matter, I would drop the insurance and find a company that made it easier for me. It’s that frustrating! And that’s exactly how some patients feel about your practice. They want to pay but have no quick and simple method to do it. Many will not write a check. They will wait till their next appointment and pay in office. Or they will call and pay over the phone – a waste of time for your staff and patient!

If you haven’t yet set up an online payment portal or card-on-file system, let this post serve as a reminder to get it done. Online payment portals are quite frankly a necessity for healthcare. Without one, your practice is missing out on quicker payments, better cashflow, time savings (no phone calls, check processing, double posting), and many other benefits.

Once you have a payment portal, you can take advantage of eStatements, text and email payment options, and other more convenient, modern payment methods.

To go one better, just get a card-on-file and eliminate the patient having to do anything else. Once you have a patient’s card-on-file, he or she no longer needs to worry about going online or writing a check or carrying a balance. It’s all taken care of – talk about convenience!

What is holding you back? Whatever your concerns, my bet is that there’s a simple answer for your practice. My encouragement to you is to find answers, overcome the hesitation, and make it as simple as humanly possible for your patients to pay you. It just makes sense for both patient and practice!

For more information on getting started, click the button below! 

Card on File Resource Page

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