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Little Known Facts About Easy Pay...And A Little Thanks

Posted by Jim Turner

Nov 21, 2017 8:23:00 AM

sunday.pngHave you every wondered what kind of company is Easy Pay? There are several little known but interesting 'fun facts' about our company you might enjoy knowing. 

For starters, we are a small company, about fifteen employees. Five or so in our programming department making sure our software stays ahead of the curve when it comes to security, useability, and speed. Five or so in our support department handling your account questions, approvals, set-ups, and other behind-the-scene details. Two or so in sales and a couple of marketing folks round out the number. As you see, it's a lean opperation. We keep it that way in order to keep your costs down and retain that small-company feel. 

Did you know we were the very first merchant processing company to offer card-on-file functionality to the healthcare market? Way back in the early 1990's our founder, Dave Crooks, was Senior VP for Healthcare at VISA. During his time there he learned from doctors, administrators, groups, practices, and hospitals that healthcare was starting to have a patient receivables problem. He set about to find solutions. In fact, Dave wrote the operating rule for VISA that enabled healthcare practices to start accepting card-on-file transacitons. He left VISA to start Easy Pay so his rule could be put into practical application. 

The Easy Pay software has gone through four major revisions. Today's version includes everything we've learned from you for the last twenty years. Thank You! Major improvements over the years have included support for multiple accounts, automated recurring payments, and comprehensive reporting.

We've also added the ability to take online payments in recent years. Did you know we have special widgets you can host on your website to take patient payments?  

We also have integrations with several PM/EMR/EHR systems as well as eligibility and estimation tools. These integrations enable you to streamline your workflows with auto-posting of payments and single entry of card and demographic information that is saved in these systems for later use. 

As far as customer service. We are entirely U.S. based. It is our company policy to answer your call in three rings or less so you get your questions answered fast. We also keep our sales and suppport departments separate so you never have to worry about getting a sales pitch when you call for a support question. 

When it comes to sales - we believe in solving problems. If our solutions don't solve your problems, we'll try to suggest a company that does. You will never get a pressure pitch. 

We also don't hold our customers to multi-year contracts with penalities. We want happy customers. If you ever want to move in another direction, no problem and no penalities. 

And that sums up the way we want to do business. We learned a long time ago that it's much better to serve people who really benefit from our product. If we are solving problems for you, our relationship will most likely be one of mutual benefit. That makes us happy and our experience is that it makes you happy as well. We like working with happy people. 

We are thankful for the opportunity to serve you and very glad for all the positive interactions we have on a daily basis. And for the friends we've made over the years! Thank you for being our customer. We extend a heartfelt wish for a Happy Thanksgiving for you and all those you love! 


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