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[Infographic] Increased Need For a Healthcare Data Security Strategy

Posted by Easy Pay

Sep 12, 2019 8:33:00 AM


We first published this back in 2015 and since, the problem has only grown. Here are the latest statistics:

There was at least one health data breach a day and 503 health data breaches overall in 2018 according to analysis released this week.

The number of breached patient records tripled in 2018, to the tune of some 15 million patient records, according to research released this week.

Those numbers - 5,579,438 records in 2017 to 15,085,302 records in 2018 – come despite only a modest uptick in health data breaches, from 477 in 2017 to 503 in 2018.


This is what we said in 2015 and it seems we were a bit too accurate!!  - Data breaches of giant retailers Target and Home Depot now seem to have been a foreshadowing of what healthcare could expect. After major breaches suffered by insurance giant Anthem, it seemed that the issue of healthcare data security was thrust into the spotlight. This has left healthcare providers with no choice: become more vigilant against security threats, or risk both clinical and financial disasters.

The Ponemon Institute's annual Cost of Data Breach Study made an alarming discovery: healthcare data breaches average the highest cost per stolen record-- some organizations as much as $363. And the problem that many providers don't realize is that a data breach affects much more than patient health information: it can severely harm an organization's finances as well

It is more important than ever, in this age of increasing digital tech and an "always on" culture, that healthcare providers develop a proactive data security strategy now, before it's too late. 

The infographic below highlights the mounting concerns around data security, as well as the impact that it can have for the future of healthcare systems like population health management. The industry is changing, and with it brings complexities that need to be addressed. Now, more than ever is the time to tighten up your data security protocol. Find an expert and get started! What is your organization doing?


Topics: Cybersecurity, Healthcare Data Security

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