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How Does MU and Interoperability Affect Your Billing Process?

Posted by Easy Pay

Apr 17, 2015, 10:00:00 AM


The struggle that almost all physicians have had as of late is meeting the elaborate requirements for Meaningful Use in order to continue receiving federal incentives. The complaints have been heard; the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services just released revisions to MU that loosen up requirements for attestation and return the focus to the original goal—interoperability. 

So, how does this affect your practice's billing process as you continue down the road towards MU and interoperability? 

A recent article appearing in EHR Intelligence online explained the need for more healthcare IT developers to develop technologies that improve interoperability in order to share data more effectively between healthcare providers. These solutions are the key to managing population health more effectively in the long term.

There are numerous solutions making headway in the healthcare technology space today. But for most providers, they are only thinking about the exchange of data related to patient health. For a long-term solution to improving healthcare outcomes, solutions in the healthcare business office need to be made a priority as well.

And most important of these is the need for more advanced revenue cycle technologies. Providers from independent physicians to hospital systems are struggling to collect patient payments in the face of the ACA. The answer is an improved platform that can easily integrate with existing systems and is scalable for future growth. One such solution can be found in a card on file payment processing system. Card on file is the easiest way to store, process, and post patient payments, because it requires little setup and training.

As healthcare providers continue to navigate the complexities of government regulations and increased patient financial responsibility, business practices that promote faster, more effective revenue cycles will be a key necessity going forward.

All the information you need is available in this free Card On File eBook. Download today and discover how you can upgrade your business practices. 

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