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For You - A Free Financial Policy Template

Posted by Jim Turner

Apr 11, 2017 8:33:00 AM

You probably don't have time to review and rewrite your financial policy. If you did, you may not see the need, or worse, might not believe it would make any difference. Is there a way to be friendly and persuasive? Are there words to express the seriousness of going past due while remaining upbeat about the services you provide? Would it really be worth the time and effort?


Financial Alliance.png


On your best days you could tackle this with no problem and develop a policy that was easy to read, compelling to follow, and ensured that patients were excited about paying their bills. (Like the sample above)

On those really bad days when your frustration level is just short of a jet liner's cruising altitude, the temptation is to be brutally honest and just shout - WHY DON'T YOU JUST PAY YOUR BILLS AND STOP COMPLAINING! DO YOU THINK ALL THIS MEDICAL EXPERTISE, EQUIPMENT, AND OVERHEAD IS FREE?!! But that wouldn't go over very well and most likely won't get you paid any faster. 

Rather than expend the time, effort, and frustration to rewrite your own policy, why not use ours? We've spent almost twenty years learning how to communicate with patients. We know what motivates patients to pay thier bills on time and how to express the expectations in easy to read, friendly language. You can take advantage of our experience and download your free template. Just click the button below and enjoy! 

Psst: There's an additional bonus with the free template offer!


Get Your FREE  Financial Policy Template


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