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Taking The Fear Out Of Change


Compassionately Collecting Patient Balances After A Crises

Getting Paid For Your Tele-Health Visits

This Should Be On Your 2020 Priority List

Our Best Wishes For A Happy Holiday Season!

Many Blessings To You!

Heroes Change To Protect Everybody’s Sameness

1983 May Have Been A Good Year But Why Are You Making Your Patients Relive It?

Make Payment EASY For Your Patients

You Need To Take Payments Online

Would You Rather Prevent Or Collect Past Due Balances?

[Infographic] Increased Need For a Healthcare Data Security Strategy

The Most Important Language In Your Financial Policy

How Important Is Personal Time To You?

Payment Plans Save Lives

Please and Thank You: Simple Words That Boost Patient Satisfaction

Whom Do You Admire? Learn From Them.

Why Do We Write This Blog?

This Was Our Very First Blog Post - Still True Today

New Statistics, Same Old Results

Getting Your Patients To Use Online Payment Portals

Sometimes You Just Have To Laugh

How To Make Self-Pay, Sure-Pay

Who Decides Payment Plan Terms: You, or Your Patient?

Popular Remix: 5 Essential Payment Scripts

Healthcare Consumerism: What is it and why should you care?

Asking To Be Paid Shouldn’t Be Painful

What You Are Up Against

Take It From An Expert...

Handling Change In The Office

Easy Graphic: How Card-On-File Works To Reduce A/R

Easy Graphic: Reduce Patient Balances To 30 Days And Under

Cashflow Hacks To Increase Your Bank Balance

The Incredible Difficulty Of Your Job

When Your Customers Write About You

Third Party Billers and RCM Companies Can Save Time and Lower Risk

2019 Deductible Season Is Here

To An Incredible 2019!!

A Message From Easy Pay

FREE Graphic: New Study: Same Story For Patient Preferences

What Can You Accomplish By Year’s End? Simplify To Succeed.

It's Impossible...

Protect Your Practice With Third Party Professional Audits

The Most Powerful Patient Communication Tool You Probably Aren’t Using

Want Patients To Complete A Treatment Plan? Put Them On A Payment Plan

InfoGraphic: When Should You Offer The Payment Plan?

How To Set A Payment Plan Policy

What Your Patients Worry About

Walk Next Door To Learn More

Partnerships To Benefit Your Practice

The Power Of A Question Rightly Asked.

Script for Setting Appointments and Securing Payments

Why Are You Making All Those Decisions?

Helping Your Doctor Make Hard Business Decisions

Your Dream Job And How To Start Creating It.

Patients Expect More: Upgrade To Stay On Top

Credit Card-On-File Is The Best Way To Ensure Payment: Is It Worth The Risk?

The Elusive Push For Price Transparency In Healthcare: 3 Ways To Make A Start

Retirement Math For Doctors

[Guest Post] 5 Reasons Healthcare Marketing Dollars are Wasted

“Patient’s Aren’t Likely To Pay Medical Bills Greater Than 5% Of Their Household Income”: And What That Means For Your Practice

Deductibles A Key To Assessing Tendency To Pay

[Quick Read] Patients Pay When They Are Happy With Your Business Office

What Causes Your Patients The Most Stress? And The First Step To Relieving It.

Why Doctors Making Loans Is A Bad Idea

Invitation To A Fireside Chat: A/R Reduction And Payment Success

Free PDF DownLoad: Card-on-file Collections Scripts

You Really Are Important: Thank You for Showing Up!

Have Millennial Patients? Learn How They Pay Their Bills To Maximize Payment Success.

Fee Publishing: Business As Usual May Not Work In An Amazon World

How Would You Like Your Bad News?

You Made It To Friday. Now Let Go Of It!

Best Practices: How To Use Last Week’s Financial Intake Form  

NEW Financial Intake Form Download

Make The Most Of 2018 By Being Teachable

Merry Christmas from Easy Pay and a GREAT TIP!

[Podcast] Practice of Therapy Interview

Two Ways To Higher Practice Profit: Which One Is Best For You?

Front Office Fails And How To Fix Them

Little Known Facts About Easy Pay...And A Little Thanks

A Feel Good Story, Maybe.

[Part 2] Planning to Overcome Fear

How to Enjoy the Freedom of Overcoming Fear

Simple Graphic: 5 Technologies That Speed Payment

An Easy Graphic: What Actually Happens When You Get A Card-On-File?

Why Many Doctors Ignore Business Issues And How To Approach Them With Change

Printable Graphic: 5 Essential Payment Questions

A Short Video On Patient Payment Discussions

A Simple Graphic for Point Of Service Payment Collection

77% of Practices Take Risks With Patient Payments

Patients Are Still Surprised By Your Bill: A Few Hints to Take the Surprise Out

How You Can Set Limits for Payment Plans

Thanks And An Invitation

How To Take Control When You Have a High Responsibility, Low Authority Job

Scripts For A Softer Approach To Collecting Past Due Balances

One Call Collections for Past Due Balances

The $1 Cure: Securing Payment At The Front Desk

What I Like About Collecting Past Due Bills [With Free Resources]

You Need A Vacation: How To Have A Worry-free Getaway

Four Questions That Could Stop Month-End Reporting Madness

Your Key To Year-End Success Starts In The Summer

Your Credit Card Terminal Is A 1963 VW Beetle.

[Webinar] How To Overcome Your Fear Of Asking For Payment

10 Questions You Need To Get Right

Four Reasons Your Patient Receivables Are Aging

Co-Pays Are The Key To Collecting Everything

Buzzed Toddlers and Shaved Lions: What I Learned At Our Regional MGMA Conference

A Frustrated Administrators Story

Warning - Your Patients Can't Read Your Policy

For You - A Free Financial Policy Template

[Guest Post] Attracting More of the Patients and Services You Really Want

3 Reasons You Should Be Using eStatements

Give me $3 and I’ll give you $30

One Year to the Lowest A/R We’ve Ever Seen.

Handling Patient Objections: An Easy Graphic

Stop Writing Off Small Balances: One Sure Way To Collect Them

A Simple Graphic To Ensure Patient Payments.

3 Steps to One Call Collecting

Front Desk Relief with Back End Results

Stop Collecting and Start Connecting: The Day Spa Approach

[Guest Blog] How to Solve the Hidden Problem of High Patient Deductibles

The One Essential Quality Your Front Desk Staff Should Possess

High Deductible Season: Wanting to Change Doesn’t Mean Willing to Change

Merry Christmas and Some Free Stuff for High Deductible Season

Collecting from HDHP Patients.

Guarantee Patient Payments Every Time?

Thank You From Easy Pay

Don’t Panic - You’ve Handled the Chaos of Change Before! 3 Ways to Do It Again!

It’s Election Day: So Let’s Talk About Something Else - 5 Steps to Improve Personal Communication.

How One Practice Minimizes the Cost of Missed Appointments.

What Are Your Peers Struggling With? Want To Find Out?

3 Great Reasons to Connect With Your Peers

Tips For Your Weekend and $50 For The Movies.

5 Ways to ‘Leave It At The Office’ and 3 Suggestions If You Can’t

[Video] This Doctor Understands Your Pain.

LESS might be MORE. Lower Rates on Payment Processing Might Cost You.

What To Say To The Voice That Says ‘I Can’t’.

6 Positive Changes Your Practice Could Start Today!

"Patient Lives Matter": 3 Ways to Value Patients When Introducing New Policy

These Numbers Aren't Lying.

4.5 Months…25% Receivables Reduction…With These Policy Changes.

The Confidence to Change

The Straw That Broke The Camel's Back

Patients Forcing Your Practice To Be A Bank? - A Series On How To Put A Stop To It!

The Idea That Reduces Patient Receivables Every Time.

Do You Want Your Patients To Pay?

'My Cancer Is Cured!' and That Tinge Of Doubt

Peer Connections Solve Problems: 3 Ways to Connect

Patients are Not Entirely to Blame for Late Payments.

Patients are Watching. Are you Listening?

[Video] 'ACT UP' for Great Patient Engagement!

Stubborn or Non-Compliant Patient? 3 Patient Friendly Questions to Move Them

The '1' Question EVERY Front Desk should be asking.

[Series] Doctor or Staff: Who makes the final decision about payment? STEP ONE.

Some of Our Best Secrets: The 4 Top Posts of All Time!

[Series] Doctor or Staff: Who makes the final decision about payment?

[Video]Tactical Tuesday: Do Your Patients Know You Are A Business?

"Could you wait one minute..." How one doctor encourages patients to pay their bill

[Video] The Doctor's Charity Quiz

5 Essential Roles…that merit paying your front desk staff much more than minimum wage

[Video] A Simple Solution for Medical Billers Who Accept Patient Payments.

[Video] Patient Centered Care for Medical Billers

How To Deliver Superior Customer Service To Collect Patient Payments

[Video] Taking Control of Past Due Patient Payments

3 Technologies Essential For Patient Collections In the New Health Economy

[Video] How To Ditch Patient Payments Collections & Get To Happy Hour!

3 Ways To Modify Billing To Build Patient Retention Strategies

[Video] How To Get Physician Buy-In For Practice Management Changes That Affect Patients

5 Tips To Improve Self-Pay Patient Collections

[Video] Patient Payments: What To Do When Patients Can't Pay

Financial Leaders Increasingly Look To Integrated Payment Solutions

[Video] How To Prevent Past Due Patient Balances For High Deductible Plans

Q&A | Medical Practices On The Patient Balance Challenge

[Video] Top 5 Patient Collection Strategies

[New Guide] Top-Performing Strategies For Collecting Patient Balances

[Video] Eliminating Small Patient Balance Write-Offs

How To Help Patients Who Can't Pay

[Video] In-Depth Look At Top-Performing Medical Accounts Receivables

[Quiz] Are You Equipped To Handle The Small Unpaid Patient Balances?

[Video] 3 SIMPLE Strategies To Stop Patient Bad Debt For Good

[Video] Alleviate Stress of Patient Payments = Collect More

3 Super Simple Patient Retention Strategies To Grow Your Practice

3 Unconventional Ways To Collect Patient Payments

[Video] What If You Collected Patient Balances Before They Were Due?

5 Patient Collection Strategies You Can't Ignore Anymore

[Video] 3 A/R Reports To Stop in 2016 To Eliminate Patient Bad Debt

Top 5 Patient Concerns Affecting Patient Engagement

[Study] How the Cost of Healthcare Will Affect Patient Collections in 2016

8 Health Tech Trends To Kick Off 2016

[Video] Weekly Patient Balances: What It Costs To Collect Each Week

[Holiday Quiz] Benchmark Your Patient Collections Strategies For the New Year!

Looking For the Perfect Holiday Gift For Your Doctors? How About Patients Who Pay?!

What Happens When You Keep Patient's Card On File?

[Video] Save $27K With Card On File Patient Payment Solutions!

3 Awesome Reasons Why Your Practice Should Offer A Credit Card On File Payment Option

[Video] The (REAL) High Cost of Patient Collections

The Secret Strategies Behind Collecting Point of Service Patient Payments

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