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1983 May Have Been A Good Year But Why Are You Making Your Patients Relive It?

Posted by Jim Turner

Oct 31, 2019 8:15:00 AM

Welcome to 1983There is nothing that screams 1983 louder than that credit card machine on your front counter. It’s a relic of a bygone era. A paperweight taking up room on your counter and making your office seem like Disco is still all the rage.

 A recent study found that over half the health systems they surveyed had no ‘Patient Financial Engagement Platform, Kiosks, or Patient Self-Serve Scheduling.’ In other words, no modern technology that helps the patient engage, schedule, or pay their bills. https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20191029005318/en/

I’ve been around healthcare long enough to know that we are slow to adopt new technologies. There are so many changes that come down the pike! We think if we jump on this bandwagon, they’ll just change it next year and we’ll have to pivot and do something different. And I really can’t blame folks for thinking this way. How many times have we been mandated to do something a certain way only to be ‘re-mandated’ to do it differently shortly after?

Healthcare becoming more consumer-centric is not one of those bandwagons. There are forces at work that are demanding change. From the federal government to fed-up patients, you are being pushed in a very certain direction. That direction is toward making payments easier and less confusing for patients.

If you are still using a counter top credit card machine you are using 1983 technology. Your patients are living in a 2020 world. That puts you almost 40 years behind the curve. Your patients are paying other bills without touching money or their credit cards. They simply hit a button on their computer, iPad, or phone and ZZZip – they’ve paid.

They pay for everything in their world like this. I haven’t written a check or pulled out a credit card to pay a utility bill, my mortgage, or my car payment for years now. Why can’t I do that at your practice?

Whatever your reasons for holding out, and I’m sure they are very good ones (snicker). It’s time to catch up to the payment technology bandwagon. Your patients are demanding easier ways to pay your bill. Give them convenience and they will use it. Make it difficult and they will repay you by paying late or not at all.

Upgrading your payment options is not difficult. In fact, below are three easy steps you can take today. Like GEICO advertises – take fifteen minutes and they will save you money. In this case, take fifteen minutes and move forward 40 years. Here are your three easy steps to leap into the 21st century.

  1. Call your payment processor and ask what options they have to make payments easy for your patients. (If they have none, Call Us at 866-927-9344 – shoot, just call us, we probably do this better than the company you use now)
  2. Decide which of these options best meets the needs of your patients.
  3. Tell them you want these options installed at the earliest moment possible – at no additional cost.

Done. Welcome to the 21st century.


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