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Success Stories


Case Study



In just 4.5 months after implementation with only 2 Providers:

  • 25% reduction in patient receivables
  • 967 less statements sent
  • 1,562 credit/debit cards on file
  • $99,888 charged to cards on file


 "The process was seamless and exceeded our expectations."

- Amy Rogers, Practice Administrator

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Easy Pay has made a great impact on our patient receivables in the first 3 months we’ve used it. We have seen our cash flow increase, our patient receivables decrease, fewer accounts going to 90 days, and an overall reduction in the number of patient statements we send out. We expect these trends to continue...

- Urology - Portland, OR


Even with only 20% of our Patients participating in Card on File, we see tremendous benefit.  Patients enjoy the hassle-free payments and we don't have to spend money on statements.

- Urgent Care, New York City


Patient balances under $100 started to pile up and eat into our profits because we were spending a lot of time and money on statements and phone calls.  Patients and staff were getting annoyed with having to deal with such small balances.  Easy Pay automates the process for payment of balances so we can reduce the cost to collect and the patient doesn't have to be bothered.

- Onocology, Orlando


My billing company can now process a payment in real-time when a patient calls in to pay a bill.  They no longer have to wait for someone on my staff to run the transaction and don't have to worry about storing the patients sensitive payment information.

- Gastrology, Cleveland 


Giving Patients the option to pay online allows them to make a payment no matter what time of day.  It also reduces the number of calls we get and free's up my staff's time.

- Dentist, Raleigh


We use to keep track of our payment plans on paper and rely on the Patient to make their payment every month.  Now we simply set it up once in Easy Pay and the system automatically charges their card!

- Psychology, Chicago 

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