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Your Credit Card Terminal Is A 1963 VW Beetle.

Posted by Jim Turner

Jun 13, 2017 8:13:00 AM


There it sits. Innocent, inconspicuous, quiet, and familiar. So familiar, in fact, that you probably haven't noticed how dangerous it's become. I don't mean dangerous in the sense that it's going to leap off the counter and attack. I mean dangerous in the way a 1963 Volkswagon Bug is dangerous compared to modern cars. It's nostalgia is so comfortable that one is tempted to keep it because it's so darn cute and reminiscent of a simpler time. Why would I want to upgrade something that works just fine and everyone knows how to drive?

You might be tempted to go on thinking that until you start comparing it to a modern car. No seatbelts, no radio (maybe AM if you're lucky), no AUX jack for your iPhone (let alone eight track, cassette, or cd), no disc brakes, no back-up camera, no airbags, no automatic transmission, and really almost nothing a modern car has to keep you comfortable, and more importantly, safe. So you'll be cute, but not comfortable (the old Bugs I've experienced had no a/c and a whiff of a heater at best) and simple, but not safe.  If it comes to protecting you in a crash you can forget it! 

The only real reason to keep a classic like the VW is because you like it - not because it really serves you well. It's the same with your counter top credit card terminal. It doesn't really serve you well but there it sits. You like it because it has never dawned on you to not like it. No one has ever given you a reason to trade it in. It works just fine so 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'. 

What if engineers said that about the old Bug and other cars of its era? It works just fine, why try to improve on it? We'd be stuck with really bad cars. The important thing to note in this comparison is that the same advances have been made in how medical practices use credit cards. The tools and processes that exist have outpaced the lowly credit card terminal so much that it might as well be an old VW Beetle! 


That old credit card terminal will do one time transactions and spit out tiny, curly receipts that are barely legible. You have to gather up all those receipts and try to do some acceptable form of reconciliation. You have to reload the paper. You have to leave your desk every time you have a transaction to process. Heaven forbid you get a phone payment where you have to correctly write down all the information before going up to to terminal. Reports are non-existent. There's no way to look up a transaction from last month to get a quick answer.  It's seriously like driving that 1963 Bug. So why are you still doing it? 

I'm guessing it's because you simply haven't thought about it. Perhaps it's because you didn't know that modern credit card processing software has powerful, practice saving features that are both easier and safer to use! The features below are just a few of the improvements you'll find. The amazing thing is that most practices can upgrade with zero differnce in cost. Why wouldn't you want a modern car if it costs the same as a '63 Beetle? 

Here's what you get: 

Desktop convenience. No more treks to the counter to process a card. 

Card-on-file power. Securely save card numbers to use later and get paid sooner. 

Automated payment plans. Set it and forget it payment plans that happen automatically.

PCI Level One Security. Protect your practice from breaches because the data is housed remotely.

Robust Reporting. Any data from any date range for any reason is available for easy reference. 

Multiple Bank Accounts. To keep business entities or locations separate and ease accounting. 

There's much, much more but these features alone will save you hours of time, get you paid faster, reduce the number of statements you need to send, improve your cash flow, eliminate bad debt and collections costs, and more. If you haven't taken a modern credit card processing software for a test drive - Easy Pay invites you to do it today!! 



Payment technology is one thing but the real challenge is actually asking for payment. Learn more by tuning into a recent webinar we did with practice expert James Riviezzo! 

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