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[Webinar] How To Overcome Your Fear Of Asking For Payment

Posted by Jim Turner

Jun 6, 2017 8:43:00 AM

What can we learn from a professional who owned his own primary care practice, has managed over 50,000 patient experiences, and coaches physicians and staff members every day? That was our question when we first met James Riviezzo of Practice On Your Terms. 

We soon learned that James has a knack for explaining some of the most complex issues in very simple terms. Beyond that, he has a gift for building easy to follow systems that help practices solve nagging problems.  

We were so intrigued by the simplicity and wisdom of his approach that we wanted to get to know him better. The webinar below is the direct result of our interaction around the theme of payments and the best ways to approach the topic with patients. 

The webinar packs a double punch. We start with our questions and James' answers concerning the lingering challenge of collecting patient payments. Then James treats us to his training that teaches practices how to

Collect $20k in 21 days against high deductibles without losing your patients or your cool.

The great thing about this webinar is that you can join any time you like and spend as much time as you have until you're done. Here are some things you'll learn.

  • Why patient payments are so critical
  • Who is the most reluctant to enforce payment policy
  • Are we pressuring patients when we ask for payment
  • How can a practice successfully change their payment culture
  • What do patients think about being asked for payment
  • The exact patient-friendly method James uses for payments
  • The easy way to calculate patient costs before the visit
  • What to do when a patient won't or can't pay


Click the link below to start the webinar!

JamesR Graphic.png


Topics: Patient Balances, medical practice management, Patient Collections, Patient Centered Practice, practice management

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