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Patient Payments Blog

What Causes Your Patients The Most Stress? And The First Step To Relieving It.

Posted by Jim Turner

Mar 15, 2018 8:37:00 AM

For some of your patients it’s their health, that’s why they are your patients. But for up to 75% of your patients it’s MONEY.

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Topics: Patient Centered Care, practice management, communication, accounts receivable, Stress, Ideas

Why Doctors Making Loans Is A Bad Idea

Posted by Jim Turner

Mar 9, 2018 8:47:00 AM

I’m seeing more and more encouragement, no, insistence that doctors are going to have to get into the loan business. I’ve read two articles in the past two weeks that specifically target the need for doctors to finance patient payments. Many others allude to the need. Some of them are as simple as creating payment plans all the way to actually financing the care with a loan contract. One product site I ran across says straight up – ‘Hospitals are now Banks, too.’

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Topics: HDHP, Past Due, Payments, Financial Policy, Loans

Invitation To A Fireside Chat: A/R Reduction And Payment Success

Posted by Jim Turner

Mar 1, 2018 8:47:00 AM

Join us at HIMSS18 for a fireside chat! Dave Crooks, president of Easy Pay Solutions, will be speaking at BOOTH # 3610 in conjunction with our partner Aprima! 

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Topics: Medical Office Administration, practice management, Medical Billers, HDHP, Past Due, Payments, Financial Policy, Benefits

Free PDF DownLoad: Card-on-file Collections Scripts

Posted by Jim Turner

Feb 22, 2018 8:37:00 AM

Past due patients are hard to reach. Once you do you must make the best of the call. If you have a card-on-file system, you have the power to take control of the collections process in a patient friendly way. We have developed simple questions (scripts) to help you maximize every contact with past due patients. Download the PDF by clicking on the graphic. The link will take you to the download page. 


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Topics: healthcare payments, Patient Balances, Credit Card On File, accounts receivable, Payments, Back Office Tips, Scripts, Financial Policy

You Really Are Important: Thank You for Showing Up!

Posted by Jim Turner

Feb 16, 2018 7:47:00 AM


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Topics: Thank You

Have Millennial Patients? Learn How They Pay Their Bills To Maximize Payment Success.

Posted by Jim Turner

Feb 9, 2018 8:17:00 AM

 According to a Trans Union study reported on by Becker’s Healthcare, which you can find here, the generation fondly referred to as the millennials are the slowest paying generation now paying its own bills. There are other generations not included in the study, but they are either old enough to be under Medicare or young enough to have their parents paying their bills.

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Topics: Payments, Financial Policy, Little Know Facts

Fee Publishing: Business As Usual May Not Work In An Amazon World

Posted by Jim Turner

Feb 1, 2018 8:37:00 AM

 In the complex world of healthcare, fee publishing is a tricky business. You don’t want to give your patients the wrong impression by publishing fees that may not apply to their situation. If publishing fees will lead to patient confusion, it may be best not to. But for most practices, publishing a list of your most common fees can be very helpful and a great way to build patient trust.

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Topics: Patient Payment Solutions, Patient Payment Policies, Financial Policy, Pricing, Pricing Transparency, Fees

How Would You Like Your Bad News?

Posted by Jim Turner

Jan 25, 2018 8:43:00 AM

A recent article on the website Psychcentral (https://psychcentral.com/news/2017/10/07/most-people-prefer-their-bad-news-candid-and-direct/127060.html) informs us that people, for the most part, want bad news delivered with directness and candor. No beating around the bush or polite delays – just give it to us straight. Even when it comes to cancer, we don’t want the doctor to talk around it, we want it direct.

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Topics: Financial Policy

You Made It To Friday. Now Let Go Of It!

Posted by Jim Turner

Jan 19, 2018 7:57:00 AM

Is it ever this way for you? Your week keeps throwing things at you until you suddenly arrive at Friday and realize you didn’t get the normal, important things done? Reports that are usually second nature, answering emails that came on Tuesday, reviewing time cards to approve last weeks payroll, and other essential weekly items somehow got pushed aside so you could put out the other fires. Sound familiar?

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Topics: Medical Office Administration, practice management, Personal Time, Relaxation, Refreshing, Stress

Best Practices: How To Use Last Week’s Financial Intake Form  

Posted by Jim Turner

Jan 11, 2018 8:37:00 AM

We had a great response to last week’s posting of the free financial intake form. This week let’s explore the best ways to use it.

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Topics: Front Desk Tips, Front Office, Payments, Financial Policy

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